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In Loving Memory of

Joshua George Gallagher

10 Feb 1993 - 6 Jan 2011

About Josh

Two weeks before Joshua was due to be born, we were given shocking news at Guys Hospital, London, UK.  We were told he would not live more than a few hours.  Paul was serving in the USAF.  The Air Force MEDEVAC'd Valerie and Paul to Washington, DC where Joshua was born.  He immediately had a procedure to allow him to survive until he could have a heart transplant.  Shortly after, we were transferred to Houston, TX where Josh had a heart transplant at about 3 months of age.

Joshua was an awesome young man.  He had many ups and downs medically, but he faced each challenge bravely.  He also had Autism Spectrum Disorder and learning disability.  Despite these issues, he loved life, loved to spend time with family, loved Barney and the Disney characters (especially the villains).  He had an awesome sense of humor and could make us all laugh.  He had an awesome school experience at the Watson Institute, where he was very much loved

One time, after a particularly painful surgery, Paul was heartbroken for him.  He leaned over Joshua's ICU bed and hugged him (as much as he could through the medical stuff) and cried.  Josh reached up with his skinny little finger...and wiped a tear away.  

Joshua pushed through the suck when he had to.  He enjoyed the good times as much as he could.  He loved a party and loved to take vacations.  We really miss him.


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Why We Exist


We created this organization to honor Joshua.  Also, as a way to somehow honor the many people who supported us through some very hard times.  There were always people lifting us in prayer.  When we needed other help such as meals, money, friendship, help with Joshua's brother and always came.  The Lord was always faithful to us through other people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to show God's love to families who are faced with a child's long-term or critical illness.


We plan to accomplish that mission by:

  • Providing material support as we are able

  • Lifting the families in prayer

  • Connecting these families with other resources to help them weather the storms ahead


Josh Tree, Inc. is a non-profit corporation registered with the great state of Texas.  Our IRS issued EIN is 84-2235987.  Donations to Josh Tree, Inc are tax deductible

The Board of Directors


Josh Tree, Inc is managed by the Board of Directors and has no paid employees.  The current Board is:

  • President - Paul Gallagher

  • Vice President - Sarah Heard

  • Secretary - Valerie Gallagher

  • Treasurer - Kristin Ramey

  • Board Member - Christopher Gallagher

  • Board Member - Katie Patterson

  • Board Member - Terri Smith

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